Writober #3: Competition

Why does every new product have to be a something-killer (i.e. Facebook-killer, iPad-killer)?

It seems to me that competition has become a bad word. We only want one brand, one product, one company to be on top. Where would we be if Microsoft vs. Apple didn’t exist? Competition makes each side work harder, evolve and come up with bigger and better products. When only one side is winning, they don’t have to try hard because they know that it’s either their product or no product. Wal-Mart comes to mind. In my locale, they worked hard to beat out the competition and now that they are pretty much the only choice, they feel free to stop carrying products people use (not just my opinion. I’ve asked others.). They know that unless we want to drive a fair distance, we’ll buy what they provide.

Growing up, I thrived on competition. Everything was something to compete for. I still do that, sometimes to a negative effect, but if I don’t have some sort of challenge I get lazy and complacent. My opinion is that the way we treat kids in competition these days are only hurting them. Letting everyone be winners is not going to help the children in the future, and it does not help our cities, states, or country. There’s a fine line that has to be walked. At first, children need to be included no matter their abilities. Some do not develop as quickly as others and need help to not get discouraged and give up. But at some point they need to learn that if they want to continue to compete, they are going to have to put in the work.

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Monday is Halloween. I never really liked Halloween as a child. It always felt like begging for candy. I also had a problem looking silly (ok, so I’m not too crazy about looking silly now either), and I always felt I did when wearing any costume. I wonder if we’ll have our annual bad weather for Halloween. The forecasts say no…
Oh yeah, the Astros lost. Got swept. *shakes head* I wonder if a National League team will win the World Series in my lifetime…
Guess that means it’s time to start getting ready for college basketball.
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Down 2-0

Does anyone else get choked up at the Star Spangled Banner before sporting events? Especially when they bring out the giant flag…And my personal favorite, the eagle flying from the outfield to the pitcher’s mound (or your favorite venue here).
Well, the Astros are in the hole 2-0. They can’t get runs without allowing runs soon after. But they are heading back to Houston, and have a real chance to turn it around. Maybe they’ll win all three there…I hope.
Go Astros!
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Go Astros!

First off, let me say congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals. They are an awesome baseball team. They battled injuries all season, including the playoffs. I look forward to watching them again next season.
The Houston Astros are going to the World Series! Wow! I told Jerry (hubby) at the first of the regular season that I was going to root for the Texas teams this year. They couldn’t have had more opposite seasons. The Rangers started out smoking, but as their seasons tend to go, couldn’t do much beyond the All-Star break. The Astros on the other hand came out slow, but then turned it up from June on.
I will actually be rooting for a team in the World Series this year. That will be different.
GO ASTROS!!!!!!!!!!
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Eckstein is awesome…darn him!

Yes, I’m rooting for the Houston Astros, but I have to hand it to David Eckstein. I know that Albert Pujols hit the winning blast, but if it hadn’t been for the gritty two strike hit by Eckstein, he would have never even come up to bat.
I do have a soft spot for middle infielders, my favorite player is Michael Young (Texas), and with his play-hard-all-the-time attitude and being vertically challenged like myself, he gets my admiration. His hard running out of even routine plays paid off earlier in the game when Adam Everett threw it high to Mike Lamb.
So say what you want about mighty Pujols (and don’t get me wrong, I too think he is mighty), my vote for MVP of last night’s game is David Eckstein!
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The Shows

Well, the stock shows have come and gone. We didn’t do too bad, but not great either.
Oklahoma State Fair – We had third and fifth (I think) in the yearling classes. We won the January (also had second) and February classes (also had a fourth, I think). We weren’t able to show the ram….He decided to do a belly flop out of the trailer and he hurt his leg. He’s still not using it. We did ok in the pair and group classes.
Tulsa State Fair – I would like to go on and on about Tulsa, but I won’t. We didn’t do very good in the open show, but one of the lambs we sold to a high school guy was Reserve Champion Hampshire Ewe in the junior show on Sunday, and there was a lot of competition. That almost made up for the debacle on Saturday.
We are going to the Arkansas State Fair this weekend, my dad and I, to watch my cousins show. They bought three lambs from us. Their ag teacher thinks they have a real shot at making the sale. That would be really awesome. He has already asked to come next year and look at, and most likely buy, some sheep for other kids in the chapter.
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Getting Closer to Show Time

I guess my youngest niece is spending her second night in the hospital. She has pneumonia. They took her in just thinking it was the sniffles. My mom took my sis to the doctor just the day before that. I guess the season’s beginning early this year.


Can you believe the damage from Katrina? I just can’t imagine water that high. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.


This weekend I shear the sheep for the first time for the show. A few of the ewes are sick, so I don’t know if we’ll get to show them or not…but at least they are getting better. I have a feeling I’m setting myself up for a fall, but I think we’re going to do good this year. Even if we don’t it’ll be time I get to hang out with my family.


Jerry’s back. I think he had a good time. Took him a little while to recuperate. He’s kinda freakin’ out with the big weekend coming up and the gas prices going up, up, up like they are.

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