Almost the Weekend

Welll, looks like I probably won’t get to play softball tomorrow. The team I was on disbanded for some reason. The "captain" said they didn’t have enough to play. Another guy asked me to play on a different team after she did, so I called him, but he hasn’t called back so I’m guessing it’s a no-go. Oh well, another day of shearing sheep. I guess I could go to my cousin’s graduation, but I’m not much into those things.

We had 8 & under softball practice yesterday. A whopping 4 kids showed up. I found out today that the guy who took the bat/helmet/ball bag called everybody and said practice was off due to weather. It only sprinkled for about 5 minutes then quit. Chickens! I found a bat for my niece to use. She hit pretty well with it yesterday.

It stormed last night, so between Jerry and the dog, I didn’t get much sleep. I just want to say "Leave me alone!", but I guess that’s not very nice. Looks like we got quite a bit of rain. Probably not enough to get caught up, but it’s better than nothing.

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