Softball and Shearing

In case ya’ll wanted to know….softball one day and shearing the next is not a good idea. I am now walking like an old grandma.

Second again…..One of these days I’ll play softball and be first. Played first base and the guys must have thought I was taller. Flattering, but painful. I didn’t even know I had that many muscles over my ribs. Got nailed in the shin/calf area. I was on first with a walk and the batter behind me was left-handed. I told myself I was going to take off as soon as he hit it and I would be out of the way when it came down the line. Well, I did take off, but I’m not the fastest I suppose. And not the highest jumper either. Needless to say, it was the second out.  Sunburned my neck, ears, face, arms and legs. Guess I didn’t put on enough sunscreen.

I thought Sunday was supposed to be a carbon copy of Saturday. What do the weather men know anyway? Sheared on again, off again through the sprinkles. Between Dad and I, we got nine done. Only about eleven left to go. We started out doing the ones we thought we might sell or might take to market. Got depressed and started shearing the ones we thought were good. Felt much better after that. They are looking pretty good. I sure screwed up on rams this year though. Oh well, I guess. Too late to go back now, unless they’ve come up with a miracle new procedure I don’t know about…

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