Rainy Day

Man, this is nice sleeping weather. I am so tired. Seems like a lot going on right now. We got nine of the lambs taken to market yesterday. They should bring around $1 a pound. Still have 21 at the house, but we’ll probably decrease that some more after the people come to look at them to buy to show. One of the ones we took off butted me in the jaw. That was fun. It’s kinda sore today, but miraculously, at least as of late, it hasn’t bruised.

Jerry and I saw Star Wars III last night. It was pretty good. It kinda went fast there at the end. Would liked to have seen that fleshed out a little more, but I guess it would have been a four hour movie if they had.

Big weekend coming up. The campers have been streaming in so far. I hope this weather blows out or Jerry’s going to be grumpy.

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