Kids These Days

What is it with kids these days? They don’t have any hustle. Society has made it okay to be mediocre, to not try to be better than the next person, to be better than they were yesterday. The attention span of a kid nowadays is about one second. They can’t take it if it’s hot. They can’t take it if they don’t eat or drink when they are hungry or thirsty. They can’t take it if they didn’t get their eight hours of sleep or more the night before. They cry if you get on them the slightest bit; they say you are being mean to them.

What happened to adults being in charge? We were raised that we asked before we got something out of the fridge, especially at someone else’s house. We didn’t ask to stay at somebody’s house, we waited for them to ask us over. Sure we didn’t always appreciate what we got, but we didn’t expect to get everything we asked for either.

Why does society think they are "owed" something? What happened to working for and earning what you "deserve"? Maybe I’m old school, but I know I respect those kinds of traits in people, and I expect that most other people do too.

But then, what happened to "do unto others"? And I don’t think that should be taken purely as religion. It’s just common sense. What happened to common sense? Everything comes too easy. We help people out too much and don’t make them think for themselves. I am guilty of this. Why do I do it? Because it’s easier and faster than having the person fumbling around and making things worse. And I think on the other hand, I would rather someone show me how they came to the conclusion so I don’t have to ask them again, so I guess I’m guilty of not following "do unto others".

And maybe it has always been like this and I was always too young and naive to notice. If that’s the case, let me go back to being young and naive forever.

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One Response to Kids These Days

  1. Kevin says:

    Sounds like someone needs a nap.

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