The Shows

Well, the stock shows have come and gone. We didn’t do too bad, but not great either.
Oklahoma State Fair – We had third and fifth (I think) in the yearling classes. We won the January (also had second) and February classes (also had a fourth, I think). We weren’t able to show the ram….He decided to do a belly flop out of the trailer and he hurt his leg. He’s still not using it. We did ok in the pair and group classes.
Tulsa State Fair – I would like to go on and on about Tulsa, but I won’t. We didn’t do very good in the open show, but one of the lambs we sold to a high school guy was Reserve Champion Hampshire Ewe in the junior show on Sunday, and there was a lot of competition. That almost made up for the debacle on Saturday.
We are going to the Arkansas State Fair this weekend, my dad and I, to watch my cousins show. They bought three lambs from us. Their ag teacher thinks they have a real shot at making the sale. That would be really awesome. He has already asked to come next year and look at, and most likely buy, some sheep for other kids in the chapter.
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