Eckstein is awesome…darn him!

Yes, I’m rooting for the Houston Astros, but I have to hand it to David Eckstein. I know that Albert Pujols hit the winning blast, but if it hadn’t been for the gritty two strike hit by Eckstein, he would have never even come up to bat.
I do have a soft spot for middle infielders, my favorite player is Michael Young (Texas), and with his play-hard-all-the-time attitude and being vertically challenged like myself, he gets my admiration. His hard running out of even routine plays paid off earlier in the game when Adam Everett threw it high to Mike Lamb.
So say what you want about mighty Pujols (and don’t get me wrong, I too think he is mighty), my vote for MVP of last night’s game is David Eckstein!
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