Writober #3: Competition

Why does every new product have to be a something-killer (i.e. Facebook-killer, iPad-killer)?

It seems to me that competition has become a bad word. We only want one brand, one product, one company to be on top. Where would we be if Microsoft vs. Apple didn’t exist? Competition makes each side work harder, evolve and come up with bigger and better products. When only one side is winning, they don’t have to try hard because they know that it’s either their product or no product. Wal-Mart comes to mind. In my locale, they worked hard to beat out the competition and now that they are pretty much the only choice, they feel free to stop carrying products people use (not just my opinion. I’ve asked others.). They know that unless we want to drive a fair distance, we’ll buy what they provide.

Growing up, I thrived on competition. Everything was something to compete for. I still do that, sometimes to a negative effect, but if I don’t have some sort of challenge I get lazy and complacent. My opinion is that the way we treat kids in competition these days are only hurting them. Letting everyone be winners is not going to help the children in the future, and it does not help our cities, states, or country. There’s a fine line that has to be walked. At first, children need to be included no matter their abilities. Some do not develop as quickly as others and need help to not get discouraged and give up. But at some point they need to learn that if they want to continue to compete, they are going to have to put in the work.

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